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A psychic reading is a specific attempt to discern information through the use of heightened perceptive abilities; or natural extensions of the basic human senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and instinct. These natural extensions are claimed to be clairvoyance (vision), clairsentience (feeling), claircognisance (factual knowing) and clairaudience (hearing) and the resulting statements made during such an attempt. The term is commonly associated with paranormal-based consultation given for a fee in such settings as over the phone or in a home.


It depends on the type of reading requested. If you purchase an email reading, I will email you back with my findings within 1hr to 48 hrs. If you purchased a phone reading, I will email you different times for the day you booked your reading, and you will choose what time you are available for the day you choose when booking your appointment.


I will only refund if the reading was cancelled. There are no refund once the reading has been performed


No i do not offer spells


Before Your Psychic Reading:

There are a number of preparations that will assist you in having the most effective psychic session.

 Find a location where you will be undisturbed by others (children, partners, etc...)  Turn off any equipment that may make noises (cell phones, televisions etc...)  Take a few moments for yourself in silence to quiet your mind and set an intention for the session.  What do you want to accomplish during your psychic session?

Write any questions down that you wish to have answered.  Remember that you only have a specific allocation of time to receive advice.  The more you are organized with your thoughts prior to your reading, the more advice can be channeled from your psychic.

Should I take notes? Of course, it is your decision.  However, i have found through my experience that the act of writing during a psychic reading slows down the process and is actually a distraction for you. Once you have quieted your mind and decided what you want to focus on during your session, you are now ready to connect with the the reading.  

During Your Psychic Reading:

Focus on specific information the psychic is sharing with you.  Ask direct questions and offer direct answers.

Keep an open mind and realize that the psychic’s perspective is broader than how you may interpret the situation.  All channeled information is important, so don’t dismiss anything even if you do not immediately understand its relevance.  Also, time frames are non-linear in the non-physical realm, so information about the past, present and future tend to come through in no particular order.

When i share guidance that is a direct “hit”, it is in your interest to make that confirmation immediately so that i become aware that i am linking on to a piece of your situation that you agree with.  On the same note, do not say you understand if you do not.  If you do not understand the message, give me the opportunity to explain information in a different way or to double check what you are receiving.  If the information still does not feel right, trust your own intuition and share what does not seem to fit and why.

After Your Psychic Reading:

Also, use this time to map out any decisions or actions that are required to further your goals and personal evolution.  Know, that as you are affecting change in your life, i am always here to help you regain clarity in moments of confusion. I am here with compassion, understanding and non-judgment.  Allow me to guide you in making wise decisions today to create the tomorrow that you desire.
When the reading is complete, take a few moments and journal about your experience (or review your recorded session). Take particular note of the advice and how you felt receiving the information.  You should now have the knowledge and self-confidence to make educated choices for your life.  Are you ready for change?  Only you can create change in your life, but we may provide you with the path to do so.


All humans are connected spiritually so a psychic is able to tap into your energy using your name and permission to perform a reading. It's like wifi which one can connect and disconnect from with a simple password. When you give your name to a psychic with permission to do a reading. A psychic then energetically connect with your energy field and spirit guides to share information. Sometimes though some information may not be available to access for reasons only spirit knows. After the reading the psychic diconnect herself and close down the reading.


The right way to approach a psychic reading is to do it with an open mind and realize that you are approaching an oracle for an answer. So how you ask the oracle for answers will determine how you answers come through. Most common ways people ask question is like asking a magic ball. Avoid asking questions like will i, will this happen because that's means you are throwing away your will power. A healthy way of asking question is to approach the oracle with an open mind  with a question beginning with
( What do i need to know about my relationship or whatever area of your life you need insight on). The oracle is able to give more better insights that brings clarity, healing and understanding. A psychic reading should not be treated like a slot machine where you just pop in a coin and things just come through. Remember you are approaching the divine so you must treat your reading as sacred and with respect. Write down your questions thoughtfully and realizing that you might get an answer you don't like but you will recieve the truth that will take you out of darkness, doubt and confusion and into the light of clarity and healing. You will not go to a doctor and telling him how to cure you, so is the same when you come for a reading.


I have been reading since childhood as i would see things in my dream and i will see vision and have never had anyone come and say my predictions did not come true My predictions will change however for example if i tell you that you will get the job but you decide not to go for the interviews or arrive late then yes you wont get the job. I don't control anyone's freewill or actions i simply look at the energy present and interpret it.

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